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Despite all the advances in media technology over the past 50 years, little has changed in terms of how usera connect their components.

Current data outlets are obsolete the day they are installed. There is no solution to adress change.

The WallConnect™ Data Outlet address this problem, with an infinitely adaptable solution.

This innovation is the product of my lifelong love of electricity and my 30-year career as atechnician, electrician and electrical contractor. I have installed and removed hundreds of electrical wiring devices, from all generations. Those experiences sparked the innovation that became the WallConnect™ Data Outlet.

WallConnect™ Data Outlet are the last outlets anybody will ever need. They make the job easy enough the most anybody can do it.

Most importantly, they are infinitely adaptable. Any future changes in data inputs are easily made without destruction or demolition.

Manny Garcia – Founder & CEO

Our Team Members

Manny Garcia

Founder & CEO

Manny is a serial tinkerer. He believes everything can be improved. His ability to see things at their fundamental core, and apply those fundamentals across unrelated fields, is the basis of his innovations. Manny is an outside the box problem solver.
The concept of the WallConnect™ Data Outlet came from Manny’s electrical career.

Sherry Garcia

Founder & CFO

Sherry is an experienced financial and administrative professional, with experience in managing people and problems.
Sherry has a positive record of handling customers & co-workers effectively by identifying needs, meeting deadlines, quickly gaining trust, approaching complex situations, and resolving problems to maximize efficiency within the workplace.

Mike Corradini

Founder & CEO | Product Mentor

Mike is a highly sought-after startup mentor and business consultant. He is also a 4th generation entrepreneur and for the past 20+ years Mike has dedicated his life to the art of entrepreneurship. He has successfully launched numerous eight figure businesses, developed two private companies that achieved Inc. 500 status, and has helped over 2,000 entrepreneurs develop, fund, and grow their businesses.

Stephen J. Ritch

Chief Merchandising Officer | Product Mentor

Steve started his education at Boston University Questrom School of Business as an Accounting major. He was mentored by some of the leading retailers in the USA and worked directly for Michael Gould (CEO at Bloomingdales), Bob Mettler (CEO at Sear’s), Mike Steinberg (CEO Macy’s San Francisco), and Hank Kaminstein (CEO at Brookstone & Filene’s). Steve learned from these strategic corporate entrepreneurs how to develop his instincts to be a passionate, innovative merchant in Retail & Wholesale.

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