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Save Money!  Save Gas!  Generate Zero Emissions!  Run Your Car On Water!  Convert Any Vehicle Into a Hybrid!


Automotive gasoline-hydrogen hybrid vehicles are a recent technology.  Water is broken down into hydrogen and oxygen and then introduced into the fuel mixture.


 Adding oxygen to your fuel mixture helps the fuel burn more efficiently, up to 40% of your gasoline never burns.  The hydrogen is an alternative fuel, which allows gasoline consumption to be reduced to the lowest settings.


The results of automotive hydrogen generation is 30-200% increase in fuel mileage and 0 emissions.


One problem with hydrogen generation systems is that they can leak.  Another; more function oriented, is that the exhausting oxygen causes the vehicles O2 sensors to put the vehicle into a rich condition.  This will increase fuel consumption and emissions.


How and where a Hydrogen generation system is installed will greatly affect performance.  Modern vehicles are controlled by a computer, which receives inputs from various sensors throughout the vehicle.   It is necessary for the proper function of the vehicle that these controls are operational.


Sherman Industries has a patented installation, which allows the vehicle to be set to hybrid mode while utilizing the vehicle’s original control systems. We also address leakage and hydrogen cell failure.  With our instillation design, the vehicle may be switched from gasoline to hybrid, without affecting any sensors or the onboard computer.  This allows the consumer to take full advantage of the benefits of hydrogen generation.